Here is a curated list of
emergency fundings and resources: 


HR information during these uncertain times:


Funding for Non-Profit:


Funding for FOR profit:


Loans for ALL businesses:
*Filing for a Loan does not mean you need to accept it….but at least applying will get the ball rolling.


Funding for independent artists:





Temple University:

Fox’s Institute for Business and Information Technology is offering no-cost digital transformation services to small businesses and non-profits, especially existing organizations that have experienced challenges. The activity is funded by our donors so we can pay experienced students under expert supervision to do the work. Many students have lost internships and part-time jobs so this will help students as much as the businesses.


More information and the sign-up process is available:

The no-cost digital services include but are not limited to:

  • Create or modify a website to improve the business or non-profit

  • Create or modify a digital storefront to enhance eCommerce (e.g., list the top 50 things that are available)

  • Implement or modify a scheduling system (e.g., a repair business or delivery for the above)

  • Remote work (e.g., procedures and tools for staff to work off-site)

  • Consultation and technology to take your existing operation digital


City of PHL wage tax for employees working from their home outside of Phila:

Due to the stay at home order from the City of Philadelphia, salaried employees that usually work in Philadelphia but are now working remotely from their home located OUTSIDE of Philadelphia will be allowed a refund on the City Wage tax on their payroll.


Please let your staff know to keep a good record of the hours worked from home to be able to claim this refund at the end of the year.


Here is more info about it:


The 2020 form is not yet available but will be posted here when ready: